Are you living with a tattoo you'd rather be without?

People get tattooed for all sorts of reasons but then time passes, circumstances change and you start to wish that the permanent mark on your arm or leg or back was anything but permanent. Perhaps you were a little hasty in getting a tattoo and you no longer like the design, or maybe it's the name of your ex that you'd like to remove. For other people, having a tattoo doesn't fit with their current lifestyle or job, while some people simply want a tattoo removed to make way for something different. Whatever the reason, our removal procedure should be able to completely remove your unwanted ink.

The good news is a tattoo is no longer a life sentence

Our experienced practitioners at the Astute Aesthetics Clinc are experts at laser tattoo removal. This is the most effective way of getting rid of a tattoo you no longer want and we have an excellent success rate with hundreds of satisfied clients.

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How does it work?

    • A beam of laser energy is fired into the tattooed area to break up the particles of pigment.
    • The laser is precisely targeted at the tattooed skin.
    • Different wave lengths of light break up different coloured inks.
    • As the ink deteriorates, the tattoo begins to gradually fade.
    • Laser treatment is fast and effective, with minimal treatment times.
    • Most tattoos will need several sessions to completely clear them, particularly those with blues and greens.
    • How many treatment sessions you need may also be affected by how old your tattoo is, the quality of the ink and whether it was executed by a professional or not.
    • Sessions should be spaced several weeks apart to give the treatment time to work.
    • As the laser beam doesn't penetrate the skin deeply, there is little chance of scarring.
    • The treatment may result in temporary swelling or redness.

Our Tattoo Removal Prices

Further discounts availble if booking a course of treatments.

Here's what some clients
think of our work...

  • I’ve had an embarrassing tattoo on my arm for 15 years, thanks to the wonderful people at astute aesthetics my tattoo is almost gone

    embarrassing tattoo Review by Jenny
  • I started my treatment in August and i am extremely pleased with the progress so far. The clinic staff have provided exceptional and professional standards of customer care and personal service from the start. I highly recommend the clinic to anyone looking to have a tattoo removed. A+++

    Pleased with the results so far! Review by Ken Herschel
  • Staff at the Gravesend clinic are brilliant and know how to look after you. Their tattoo removal prices are really hard to beat too.

    4 x 3 inch tattoo removal Review by Laura
  • I am very satisfied with my treatment. All my friends were surprised when they saw the result. Thanks Aesthetic Clinic for a superb treatment, I felt very comfortable and was really happy with the professionalism and cleanliness of the clinic.

    Relly Happy With Results Review by Amy Taylor.

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